About 7 Souls

7Souls was born out of a passion for jewelry and fashion accessories and the desire to create and own something truly unique.

We produce fashion necklaces and accessories , which you can now view in our collection, and in the near future we will offer fashion ideas for interiors. Every object is designed and handcrafted based on the inspiration we get from the things we see and feel around us, from the impressions we perceive from rays of light, from reflections of colours that catch our attention and from joyful emotions on faces of people we meet...

Behind every piece there is a strong wish to combine the past and the present but also the obvious and the precious.

We like to believe that things are not just what they appear to be but they have secret souls we can play with and the beauty and preciousness of every piece arises from the unique combination of the different materials used in making it.

We love playing with elements that comes from everyday life, recycling them and offering them a new and higher dignity. We love searching fairs and flea markets for vintage pieces to combine them with gemstones to create jewels and objects with a complete new character.

For the above reasons you would not find in our Collections two pieces that are the same, they are all one-off, Unique as you are.