The Designer

Creativity has been part of my life since I was young, while my passion for jewelry and fashion developed later on. When I started designing jewelry for myself and some italian jewelry shops back in the mid 90's, I discovered that it was so exciting and fulfilling that it became a great way to express my personal inspirations.

I love the preciousness of unique objects. I find it fascinating to own something that is just mine. It doesn't matter if the materials used in making it are not precious at all, it is the way it is constructed, the equilibrium of the different types of components and the inspiration behind it that strikes me.

I like playing and experimenting with different materials, organic or not, new or recycled, rough or sophisticated... When I design and make a new piece I try to go beyond the usual and the conventional meaning of "jewel".

Recently, following the same type of inspiration, I expanded my interest into a broader range of fashion accessories, and I am now producing bags, clutches and belts, all one-off pieces that will be soon available on my shop on line.

I'm very curious and eager to learn new skills to treat and combine different material to give shapes to my dreams. The attendance to some classes in Experimental Jewelry, Bags Making, Novelty Vintage Bags and Fashion Design at the Central St Martins College of Arts as well as Technical Classes on Wire Jewelry, Wax Carving and Beaded Jewelry with a famous Jewelry Designer in London has opened new and wider horizons to my inspiration and I hope to continue in creating objects that have something special to tell everyone.